What is your answer if you are invited to attend an “Open day” where you can experience life of an oversea student at SaigonTech? We have joined and have felt amazed with the outstanding infrastructure and diversified activities at SaigonTech. Let’s have a look.

We were carefree of transportation since SaigonTech was very thoughtful to prepare minibuses for us.


At 7:30, after arriving at SaigonTech, we were welcomed with a fascinating flashmob. Next, we attended classes.

SaigonTech’s hall was full of students

At the English class, we were free to express ourselves with the instruction of Lecturers from English as a Second Language Faculty. Through the games, we learned so many things and the most importance was we must use English all the time. Communicating in English is also a mandatory requirement for students at SaigonTech.

Lecturer Nathan “commanded” us to use English in all games

Then we joined the drama club, where we showed our talent in acting through awkward situation of the drama “Thank God, here you are”. Besided, we learned many soft skills in acting class to apply in daily life. Knowledge and skills in these classes were so unique and practical that would help us greatly.

The Drama club was very exciting

 We really enjoyed the performance of our classmates

More challenges awaited us at Business class. From games like “Creating slogan”, “Chasing sign, catching brand” we learned how to develop a brand or how to become a specialist in media.

We learned personal branding at Business class

We also had the chance to study technology in “Robot competition” which was carefully prepared by SaigonTech. This was heaven to tech savvies because controlling robot via coding was a great way to learn IT


Finishing classes, we went downstair to SaigonTech hall to attend the study consultant session. Thanks to relationship with universities all over the world, SaigonTech could help us easily connect and go abroad for study, or we can choose the transfer program with flexible financial plans.

Along with the consultant session, we enjoyed playing various games such as: Dart, Basketball, Wheel of challenge, Mysterious Box…these were also the chances for us to collect more points for the final awards.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoang – Marketing Manager of SaigonTech consulted us on orientating our careers

Ms. Le Thi Sen – Executive Director of Student Development Office of SaigonTech discussed diversified study pathways at SaigonTech

We learned about the study pathways

We enjoyed so many exciting games

After 30 mins of consulting and game session, SaigonTech surprised us once more with performance of the music club. Club activities were also somethings that made SaigonTech stand out. There were many clubs such as: Fitness, Music, Drama, English, French, Multimedia…

We took photos to save some memories of a day with so many activities

After “Open day”, we hoped to be able to experience more of SaigonTech’s activities. If you feel interested in enjoying these activities, just follow the link or contact 09 150 150 88 to join.